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About American Dream

Hawaiian Sativa.This strain is Indica dominant but provides a subtle cerebral effect with a calming body high. Because it is not overpowering, American Dream is useful for daytime pain relief.

Thanks to a large central cola and modest lateral branching, it is ideal for the Sea of Green method. Sensi Star says this strain needs 40 to 45 days to finish flowering. Once it does, the third reason behind the strain’s name becomes obvious. When in full bloom, the strain is a perfect representation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

American Dream

American Dream by Sensi Seeds is an indica-dominant strain that blends Afghan Skunk with Jamaican and Hawaiian genetics. Its name is charged with meaning, mainly in that this indica represents “honest toil, personal improvement, and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor,” as Sensi Seeds puts it. Earthy and skunky in flavor, it  helps you pursue happiness with balanced uplifting, social effects appropriate for day or evening use.


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